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Why This Election is Important:

Law Enforcement is a dangerous and often violent profession requiring significant dedication and teamwork. The line between chaos and civilization remains deceptively delicate and our law enforcement professionals are vigilant upon that all-too-thin blue line. These men and women protect the rights (often very fundamental rights that many citizens themselves do not know or understand) of our citizenry every day. It is the sworn duty of every badge-holder to understand our precious rights and to defend them and uphold them. This is a brave choice and a truly noble way of life. Our cops - our Jedi Knights - deserve good training and sound leadership just as our citizens deserve top professionals who are held to high standards to protect them while serving our great County of Charleston.


Solid leadership throughout the ranks is the foundation for excellence. Our deputies and the good people they serve deserve sound leadership. Quality leadership - accountability, positive direction, and solid training  - leads to a culture of professional excellence and teamwork. When the people of Charleston County have the fully-staffed and professional Sheriff’s Office I envision, they should expect lower crime levels in their neighborhoods and businesses.

My experience as a Charleston County Deputy, Colonel of Marines, and leader in our communities has given me the proven tools to transform our Sheriff’s Office and our Detention Center into the finest law enforcement agency in South Carolina. You, the voters, are able to give me this opportunity.

Common Sense

For true justice and fairness to thrive we must empower our deputies to apply discretion and common sense in their enforcement of our laws. Some officers write tickets with the attitude that “justice is up to the courts, I just enforce the laws when I see a violation”.  Justice and fairness must begin with the officer. My deputies will be trained to embrace a thoughtful and level-headed approach with an aim to enhancing the quality of life for the citizens they serve.


Patrolling, taking reports , and occasionally writing tickets does not significantly reduce crime. Neither does allowing for an understaffed agency such as the one currently being run by the incumbent Sheriff. Our deputies must engage with the people in the communities they serve. We must build relationships, trust, open dialogue, and friendships. As your Sheriff I will personally work with our communities and their leaders and demand that my deputies do the same. Working together we can and will make our County a better place to live, work, and raise our children.

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